Teen RCIA Preparation

Teen RCIA Preparation 2022-2023 Catechetical Year

Those who have not been baptized will receive their sacraments through the RCIA program. RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults Adapted for Children. If your child is in the Grades 6th through 11th and has not been baptized in the Catholic faith, then the St. Jude TEEN RCIA class is for them.

RCIA for Children

This form of the rite of Christian initiation is intended for children/adolescents, not baptized as infants, who have been of catechetical age. Such children are capable of receiving and nurturing a personal faith and recognizing an obligation in conscience. But they cannot yet be treated as adults because, at this stage of their lives, they are dependent on their parents or guardians and are still strongly influenced by their companions and their social surroundings. (RCIA #252) These adolescents require both a conversion that is personal and somewhat developed in proportion to their age. This is generally a two-year process and includes different milestones and liturgical rites as students are catechized and formed.

We ask the student also to be enrolled and attend another faith formation class to help them learn about the Catholic Faith throughout this process. The student is also in community with their PEERS, which helps them develop their faith in an age-appropriate way.

We have a two-year preparation at St. Jude. Please register your child in the RCIA Y1 or RCIA Y2 class along with the Grade appropriate Faith Formation Class.


It is essential to register your student now so that we can include them in the planning process, and we can get timely information out to the parents about the 2022-2023 Catechetical Year.


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updated 05/10/2022