Safe Environment Online Sessions

Safe Environment

Online Safe Environment Awareness Sessions

Those who wish to join an online session must log in to and register for one of the Protecting God's Children for Adults sessions scheduled that has the location set as z_Other. The Notes for these sessions will read:

Program will be provided online through Zoom. 
You will receive an invitation with instructions be email.
Please test you equipment (sound and video) prior to the starting session.
The email address that you use to register within will be the one we, here at our office, will be using to have you connect later.
Please make sure that it is an email you have access to as this will be vital for getting you into the online session.

How It Works:
An invitation to connect to the Safe Environment Awareness Session will be sent to all participants using their email listed in VIRTUS.  Once the invitation is sent out to the participants, they will be able to access the link within the email using a phone laptop, desktop, or tablet with an internet connection.
The quality of video and voice features will vary depending on the device they use.

  • Highspeed internet is not required to join and participate in the discussion
  • If the device is connected via Wi-Fi the videos and presentation will be more fluid

We highly recommend that volunteers attending these sessions have earphones or headphones with a mic that they can use during the session. This is not mandatory but will enhance the training experience in that:

  • It allows participants to be able to watch the videos and have a discussion with more privacy
  • It will also cut down on the echo that we can expect by having several people in an online meeting environment.

If a participant is disconnected during the discussion portion of the session, they will need to go back to the email invitation and click on the link once more to join the session again.

If there is a problem with being able to connect or not being able to participate, please contact the moderator for that session.