As ushers, we provide for the comfort and safety of the congregation during the Masses. Ushers exercise a true liturgical ministry of hospitality that helps to build community. Through serving the worshiping assembly with joy, dependability, kindness, and reverence, ushers can help prepare their brothers and sisters for joyous participation in the sacrament of unity.

With a minimum of five masses each weekend,  and other masses during the year (holy days, Christmas, Easter, etc.) there are many opportunities for volunteers in this ministry.

Time Commitment

Approximately 15 minutes before and after Mass, in addition to the service during Mass will help the usher’s role of being effective in this valuable ministry.

Please start here as all volunteers will need to be current on their Safe Environment training and registered members of St. Jude.

If you feel that you are being called to serve as an Usher, please contact our Usher Coordinator: Tony Gonzales, email: [email protected]