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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul greatly appreciates your support.  Through your generous donations of food and monetary contributions, we have been able to help our neighbors in need within the Mansfield community and our St. Jude Parish. In 2020, the food pantry was able to provide food supplies for 1,647 families (6,589) people). In November, 70 families also received food boxes to prepare their Thanksgiving dinners. During the school season, in conjunction with Common Ground's Backpack Program, we provided weekend meals for 54 designated MISD students; and during the summer's Feed the Kids Program, we weekly provided 1,155 bags of food (each with 7-8 meals/week) to MISD students.  In 2020, SVdP  Financial Assistance program served 227 Mansfield families in need of assistance with their utility bills, etc. 

An Invitation to Serve: We extend an invitation to you to serve our neighbors in need. If you are interested volunteering, please contact [email protected]

How to Contribute to the SVdP Ministry: Please write checks to SVdP – St. Jude Food Pantry and either mail it to SVdP – St. Jude Food Pantry, 500 E. Dallas Street, Mansfield, TX 76063 or deliver it to the food pantry. Food donations can be delivered to the food pantry. The food pantry is located across the street from the new church and is open on Wednesday or Saturday mornings from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. During the COVID pandemic, we have a drive-through service during our hours of operation. Thank you for your contributions.


TOAL INCOME (Tithes, Donations, Common Ground) $93, 872.24
Ministry Expenses $88,386.00
  Food Pantry $  9,298.21
  Common Ground Food Programs-MISD $  8, 212.70
  Donations to SVdP Twinning Program $  3,000.00
  Client Utilities Financial Assistance $67, 875.09
Operating Expenses $  6,583.50
TOTAL EXPENSES (Ministry & Operating) $94, 969.50
NET PROFIT or (LOSS) ($1,097.26)

Again, thank you for your support and enabling the Society of St. Vincent de Paul - St. Jude Conference with the opportunity to feed the hungry and to provide comfort and hope to all who need respite. May God Bless you.


For a quick shopping list to get you started please click here. For your convenience, you can also print this page to take with you.