Sacristan Ministry

The Church has need of saints, yes, but also of artists, of skilled and good artists.
Both saints and artists are a witness of the living Spirit of Christ.
Yours is the trust and the privilege of giving to the church new artists 
who will express and advance the holiness of the Church.


Pope Paul VI
A Sacristan is a Catholic man or woman in good standing, who, after preparation and training, is approved and commissioned by the Bishop or his delegate, the Pastor, to provide the hands-on work a parish needs in order to celebrate its liturgy.


The St. Jude Catholic Church Sacristans seek to support the good order of all Eucharistic celebrations by providing assistance to the Priests and Deacons of St. Jude Church.


If you are interested in becoming a Sacristan start here as all volunteers will need to be current on their safe enviroinment training and registered members of St. Jude.


Ms. Cyndi Bracetti
817-473-6709 ext.2123
[email protected]



updated 09/09/2022