Music Suggestions for English Weddings

St. Jude Catholic Parish Wedding Music Suggestions
All mucis must be approved by the Director of Liturgical Music
Please consult with the Director of Liturgical Music when selecting music.


(Chose 2-3:2 instrumental/1 solo or 3 instramentals)

When Love Is Found (O Waly Waly/GC3-642)

Seating of Parents/Grandparents (choose one, if applicable)

Ave Maria (Schubert or Gounod)

On This Day, O Beautiful Mother (Lambillotte)

O, Perfect Love (Barnby)

How Beautiful (Paris/SS1)

Hail Mary, Gentle Woman (Landry/GC3-889)

The Gift of Love (Hopson)

(or any prelude music)

Wedding Party & Bridal Processional (choose one)

Canon in D (Pachelbel)

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach)

“Air” from Water Music (Handel)

Ode to Joy (Beethoven)

*Entrance hymns from Gather Comprehensive 3 may be chosen in place of an instrumental listed above. Consult with the Wedding Music Coordinator for suggestions.

Psalm (Choose one) – Psalms Selections are from Together for Life

C1 – Psalm 33 – “The Earth is Full of Goodness” (Cotter)

C2 – Psalm 34 – “Taste and See”(GC3-45)

C3 – Psalm 103 – “The Lord is Kind and Merciful” (GC3-75)

C4 – Psalm 112 – “Blessed the Man who greatly delights in the Lord’s commands” (LaRosa or Alonso)

C5 – Psalm 128 – “Blessed are those who love You” (GC3-86)

C6 – Psalm 145 – “The Lord is Compassionate” (Chepponis)

C7 – Psalm 148 – “Let All Praise the Name of the Lord” (Cotter)

Presentation of Gifts (choose one)

When Love Is Found (O Waly Waly/GC3-642) 

The Summons (Bell/GC3-790)

(Or any short communion song/hymn)

Communion (choose two)

One Bread, One Body (Foley/GC3-932)

Blessed Are They (Haugen/GC3-735)

My Song Will Be For You Forever (Haas/GC3-704)

I Have Loved You (Joncas/GC3-588)

Ubi Caritas (Hurd/GC3-696)

Panis Angelicus (Lambilotte)

O, Perfect Love (Barnby)

Taste and See (Moore/GC3-930)

Make of Our Hands a Throne (Warner)

Panis Angelicus (Franck)

Set Your Hearts on the Higher Gifts (Warner/GC3-708)

Faith, Hope and Love (O’Brien/GC3-702)

Meditation/Presentation to Mary (choose one)

Ave Maria (Schubert or Gounod)

Panis Angelicus (Lambilotte)

Hail Mary, Gentle Woman (Landry/GC3-889)

A Blessing (Marchionda)

Panis Angelicus (Franck)

(Or any appropriate hymn/song relating to Mary)

Recessional (choose one)

Mass Settings*

Note: these music selections are suggestions – other music may be used upon the approval of the WMC and St. Jude Catholic Parish.

*Mass Settings – this refers to the following: Gloria, (except during Lent), the Gospel Acclamation (“Alleluia”), Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation, Amen and Agnus Dei – Cantor/musicians will utilize the current mass setting being used by the SJCC choirs at the time of your wedding or a suitable setting selected by the cantor and pianist, with approval of the SJCC Director of Liturgical Music.

Note: Music selections listed above are pre-approved suggestions for the Wedding Sacrament. Other music may be used pending the approval of the Director of Liturgical Music.
Resources acceptable for additional selections are the following: Gather Comprehensive 2 and 3, Spirit and Song 1 and Spirit and Song and Flor y Canto 3 Hymnal.

Due to the vast number of titles in these resources, only the most appropriate and often used for this particular sacrament are included above.