Long Range Planning Committee


The Parish Long Range Planning Committee is comprised of clerics and parishioners who act as a consultative body to the pastor. The pastor is assigned the ultimate responsibility for the overall administration of the parish. The parish Long Range Planning Committee is designed to be a consultative (not management) advisory body, to assist the Pastor in identifying and providing inputs in constructing property and building needs. The consultative role is theological based in keeping with the nature of the Church and Canon Law.


Master Plan Status 

  • St. Jude Master Plan Status* On February 20, 2017, the parish presented to the Diocesan Pastoral Finance Committee (DPFC) the need of redesigning the Master Plan with consideration of buildings for Faith Formation, Parish Large Gathering, and improvements of facilities. The DPFC recommended Bishop Olson and he has agreed to accept the recommendation. Since February 2017 we have been working with local Level 5 Design Group from Mansfield. It was a review by the Financial Council, the Building Committee, and the Pastoral Council in January 2018 and moving forward to present to the Diocesan Pastoral Finance Committee.* Representatives from three Committees and the architect presented to the Diocesan Pastoral Finance Committee on Monday, April 16, 2018, with the Master Plan. On May 4, 2018, the DPFC informed us that the recommendation from the DPFC to Bishop Olson has accepted this presentation.* The master plan from current to the future of St. Jude Parish is attached.* Preliminary of Capital Campaign is underway and will inform to the community soon. Summary by Fr. Thu Nguyen

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