Junior High


Junior High

At St. Jude, we use the "Faith and Life" Curriculum for Jr. High! It's a Catholic middle school youth ministry that helps young people with life's most challenging years.

Catechesis is vital for our middle school adolescents in 6th, 7th and 8th grades! It is a time of discovering themselves, their inner world and how it fits with Jesus Christ as a friend, guide, and model, capable of being admired and imitated.
We begin the concept of authentic love uniting the human race, learning about the Creed, the Passion and death of Jesus, and the Resurrection. We also look at the precepts of the church.
Currently, we see a gap in youth Faith Formation around the world! The sacraments have become, for some, a "hollow ritual." What I mean by that is our youth are enrolled only to receive a sacrament and check a box! They miss the teachings of good & evil, grace & sin, and life & death.
Will they understand the virtues needed to make a good moral decision? Continuous Catechesis will help to mature them in their faith and unite them to the taching and knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Ms. Anna Biran
Youth and High School Director

Grades: 6-12
817-473-6709 ext. 2106
[email protected]

revised 12/21/2022