Edge 6th-8th



At St. Jude we use the Life Teen Edge Curriculum! It’s way more than effective catechesis. It’s a Catholic middle school youth ministry that helps young people with life’s most challenging years.
Edge is the middle school ministry for early adolescents in grades six, seven and eight. It is designed to meet the educational, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of young adolescents. Classes meet at 11:30 on most Sundays throughout the school year.
Music, Activities and Teen Mass with a specific focus on teens!
The edge is guided by the following core values.
Eucharistic Spirituality, Love, Joy, Affirmation, Authenticity, Evangelization, and Vocation.

Students gather together with an interactive game or some form of welcome. Once the topic is proclaimed or presented and taught, the teens are given the chance to “break open” the message within their small group. They take the opportunity with a deep dive into their faith. The students are then Sent forth to apply the message they have learned in their everyday life

Guidelines for Faith Formation Fees English.
Directrices para la tasa de formación de la fe Espanól.