Calvary Cemetery

St. Jude Catholic Church-Mansfield, TX
Calvary Cemetery

General Information Sheet

Calvary Cemetery is an extension of St. Jude Catholic Church's community. It is a sacred testament to our belief in the resurrection of the body and a holy place for prayer and consolation. It serves our church parish in ministering corporal and spiritual works of mercy, burying our deceased Catholic brothers and sisters, comforting the sorrowful and praying for the living and the dead, with all appropriate rites of the Roman Catholic Church.

Administration-Administration of the daily operations related to the Cemetery, including the sale of burial sites, is provided by a group of St. Jude Catholic Church's members acting as volunteers, known as the "Cemetery Committee."

Cemetery Policies

  1.  Visitation is permitted from sunrise to sunset daily. Please ensure gate is closed upon departure.
  2. All memorials (tombstones, flower vases, etc.) must be pre-approved by the Cemetery Committee as to their placement, appropriateness, size and sturdy compostion (granite, bronze, bronze over granite, etc). Homemade memorials are not permitted. Only on upright memorial is allowed per full-sized gravesite.
  3. Fresh or artificial flowers are permitted throughout the year, providing they are in a vase pre-approved by the Cemetery Committee. Faded or unsightly flowers will be removed weekly from gravesies.
  4. Holiday-specific flowers and decorations will be removed within four (4) weeks of the Holiday, or sooner if they become unsightly.
  5. For the safety, beautification and maintenance of our Cemetery, the following items are NOT PERMITTED on or around the gravesites, and are subject to remmoval by teh Cemetery Committee:
    • Any memorials )tombstones, etc.) that have3 not been pre-approved by the Cemetery Committee
    • Homemade memorials (crosses, tombstones, vases, etc.)
    • Glass in any form (vases, bottles, figurines, candle holders, containers, etc.)
    • Lights (vigil lights, solar lights, LED lights, strobe lights, etc.)
    • Ceramics, figurines, statues (unless statue is part of pre-approved memorials, etc.)
    • Yard art items (pinwheels, wind socks, decorative yard flags, wind chimes, sheperds' hooks, bird houses, bird feeders, bird baths, etc.)
    • Toys, plastic items or balloons
    • Candles of any kind
    • Paper or cardboard items
    • Coverings or markings of grave with stone, concrete, brick, pavers, artificial turf, crushed rock, pine bark, etc.
    • Curbing or trenching around grave
    • Furniture of any kind
    • Permanent seating of any kind, unless approved by the Cemetery Committee before placement
    • Any other items impacting the safety, beautification or maintenance of teh cemetery, as determined by the Cemetery Committee
  6. Due to special religious services held in the Cemetery, the Cemetery Committee will hold extensive cleanup days at least one week prior to All Souls Day and at least one week prior to Easter. If there are any unapproved, non-permitted or special items on your loved one's gravesite that you wish to keep, please remove them prior to these cleanup days. All items that have been removed by the Cemetery Committee will not be placed back on the gravesite. Flowers may be refreshed afer the cleanup has been completed.
  7. The following activities are PROHIBITED at any time within the Cemetery grounds:
    • Lighting candles
    • Tilling, digging or removing any sod or dirt
    • Planting trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers or plants of any kind on or around graves
    • Smoking
    • Drinking alcoholic beverages
    • Using illegal drugs
    • Carrying a weapon, whether concealed or uncondealed
    • Littering
    • Engaging in any activity that minght disrupt the ability of other visitors to engage in prayer and consolation, or diminish the sanctity of the Cemetery as a Holy Place

Thank you for your cooperation!


The Rules, Regulation and Pricing guidlelines may be amended or changed at teh discretion of the Cemetery Committee and /or the Pastor of St. Jude Catholic Church.

          Legal Notice- The Cemetery is private property, which is owned by, overseen by and subject to the Canonical authority of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Forth Worth, Texas. Our parishioners and members of their families may purchase the right of burial or entombment at our Cementery; however, ownership of the real estate property is retained solely by the Diocese.

Should you need more information or clarification on any of hese matters, please contact teh current volunteer serving as Cemetery Representative, as listed in teh most recent St. Jude Catholic Church bulletin.

St. Jude Catholic Church
500 E. Dallas Street
Mansfield, Texas 76063
Office: (817) 473-6709

Cemetery Location:
Calvary Cemetery
3200 Cannon Drive
Mansfield, Texas



          Registered Parishioner of St. Jude Church $1,800.00*

          No-Registered Parishioner of St. Jude's OR
        Active Catholic Member of Roman Catholic Church

          Non-Catholic Individual $3,500.00
          Registered Parishioner of St. Jude's Church $500.00

          Non-Registered Parishioner of St. Jude's OR
          Active Catholic Member of Roman Catholic Church

          Non-Catholic Individual  $750.00
          Same for any and every Interment

*DISCOUNTS-if the family has been BOTH registered as Parishioners of St. Jude's AND making registered charitable donations on a regular basis to St. Jude's Church, for a minimum of SIX Months, then they are entitled to a $300.00 discfount on a Full-Size Grave and $100.00 on a Cremains Space.

**Any Full-Size Grave can be divided into 3 Cremains Spaces (listed as A,B,&C on cemetery map). A Full-Size Grave interment may have up to 3 Cremains interments above it. Cremains spaces have a restriction on the type of Headstones. Only on upright headstone is allowed per full-size grave.

*** Interment fees are not due until time of need.