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Second Sunday of Easter

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 4/12/21

The dream of just distribution

This is regarding spirituality, not economics. However, economics has something to do with spirituality because economics refers to the governance of the house and spirituality to the governance of the body, our inner house. When in the First Letter to the Corinthians, Paul speaks ... Read More »

Easter Sunday

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 4/03/21

The lights of candles still twinkle in our eyes, and the echoes of the Alleluia and the Gloria resound. Today is a festive and joyful dawn, an encounter with the Risen One. Easter is not just another feast. In early Christianity it was the only feast revived Sunday after ... Read More »

Palm Sunday

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 3/27/21

The depth, drama, sadness, silence, complaint, mockery, trust, death...and a long number of other feelings and circumstances, which are presented to the Christian-reader-prayer of the Passion of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew, cannot leave him indifferent.

The times in which we live can lead the followers of Christ ... Read More »

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 3/20/21

This is the last Sunday of Lent, next Sunday is already Palm Sunday, and today's liturgy readings culminate the message of God's promises for humanity, to be consummated with the Lord's passion, death and resurrection. God’s New Covenant, which goes beyond the Old Covenant with Israel brings the understanding ... Read More »

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 3/13/21

The season of Lent, as a penitential time, is a time of grace, and as such, it can only be understood in the context of God’s mercy. Without this context, all penitential praxis could become a series of exercises of scrupulous piety or the experience of a voluntaristic religiosity. ... Read More »

Third Sunday of Lent

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 3/06/21

On this third Sunday of Lent in which we are entering, right at its midpoint, the readings make a clear call to go inward, to go deeper, to set aside images and idols and turn our lives towards the one who says of himself: "I, the LORD, am your ... Read More »

Second Sunday of Lent

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 2/27/21

On this second Sunday of Lent, the readings present us with groups of travelers, each on a difficult journey. On the one hand, Abraham walks with Isaac to Mount Moriah, on the other hand, Jesus leads Peter, James and John to Mount Tabor. Read in the context of Lent, ... Read More »

First Sunday of Lent

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 2/20/21

We begin this first Sunday of Lent with the Gospel of the temptations of Jesus in the desert, recounted by the Evangelist Mark. Mark's writing, which is the shortest of all the Gospels, begins in the desert with the preaching of the Baptist, the baptism of Jesus and his ... Read More »

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Summary

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 2/13/21

     We live within a body, it is our companion; with it we express ourselves, we move, we meet, we love, we relate, we feel and, also, we pray. What each of us is is contained in a fragility called a body. The body is not only organic ... Read More »

Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 2/04/21

     Does history have meaning? What about human life? Contemplating the way things unfold on the stage of real life brings shivers down our spine. We often feel weak and powerless. What do we say? What do we do? It’s not easy. Nor is it for the believer ... Read More »