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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 1/16/21

     We spend our whole life searching, never having what we deem is enough. And if we achieved enough, we would find a way to arrange so that we never run out. We fundamentally seek to maintain life, health, energy, but there is more. As humans, we do ... Read More »

The Baptism of the Lord

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 1/10/21


From the 4th century on the feast of the Epiphany, in addition to commemorating the adoration of the Magi from the East, the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan was also remembered, along with the manifestation of the Spirit and the Father, and the wedding at Cana, where ... Read More »

The Epiphany of the Lord

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 1/04/21


On these days of Christmas, we remember how God manifests himself: Joseph and Mary, the shepherds, the elders Simeon and Anne, the Magi of the East... Each of these meetings offers us at least two aspects to consider: how God reveals himself and how each of the people ... Read More »

Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 12/26/20

The true family, especially the Christian family, must be based on love. A love that manifests the relationship of God with men, and of men with God. This is the basis of this passage from Sirach, in which he emphasizes the importance of fathers / mothers in the family, ... Read More »

Summary by Fray Juan Huarte Osácar,

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 12/19/20

A simple and humble Nazarene girl, shocked and trembling before the surprising presence of the angel, at the same time magnetized by his greeting: the Lord is with you; do not be afraid, for you have found favor with God. Married to Joseph, from the house of David, but ... Read More »

Tercer Domingo de Adviento Summary by Fray Emilio García Álvarez O.P

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 12/12/20

We find it in many prophecies, but it is perhaps Isaiah who proclaims it most clearly and most vigorously. He anticipates the presence of the promised Messiah, on whom the Spirit of God will rest to give everyone the magnificent news that what was so often promised to them ... Read More »

Summary by Fr. Ismael González Rojas

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 12/05/20

     The first reading on the table from the Word brings us closer to the prophet Isaiah. It all begins with a cry: Comfort! A cry, moreover, to be made in a certain way: speaking to the heart of the human. The season of Advent is a time ... Read More »

Summary by Fray Manuel González de la Fuente , www.dominicos.org

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 11/28/20

     This Sunday the liturgy opens a new Cycle, B. Advent tells us about the coming of the Lord and the need to be prepared for such an event. The deeper reality is that it is always in and with us, even before the creation of the world.  ... Read More »

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe Solemnidad de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo, Rey del Universo

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 11/21/20

     With the Solemnity of Christ the King, we end the liturgical year, a year in which we have celebrated, shared and lived our Christian faith.     Perhaps, this Sunday, and in the light of the Word, we should look back a year and ask ourselves how we ... Read More »

Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Trigésimo Tercer Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 11/14/20

     Regarding today's parable, known as the “Parable of the Talents”, we can ask ourselves: What are we doing with all that God has given us? What are we doing with our natural gifts? What are we doing with Jesus and all that he has given us? How ... Read More »