Pastor's Message

Pastor's Message

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Decimoctavo Domingo en Tiempo Ordinario by Bryan M. Cones

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 8/01/20

     “All you who are thirsty, come to the water!” This opening line from today’s Liturgy of the Word could be applied equally to bodies and spirits in these hot days of late summer in the northern hemisphere. Indeed, though we usually tend to spiritualize Scripture’s message, Isaiah’s ... Read More »

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time/Decimoseptimo Domingo en Ordinary Tiempo

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 7/25/20

     My brothers and sisters! Discerning God's wisdom lies at the heart of today's liturgy. The alternative opening prayer says it plainly: "Open our eyes to see your hand at work in the splendor of creation, in the beauty of human life." So great is the gift that ... Read More »

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Decimosexto Domingo en Tiempo Ordinario

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 7/18/20

     My brothers and sisters! “The kingdom of heaven is like ... ” Jesus uses three comparisons to explain this mystery of God's presence and reign. The first parable speaks of discernment; the second of full growth; the third of transformation. In this is the realization of the ... Read More »

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Decimoquinta Domingo en Ordinario Tiempo

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 7/12/20

     My brothers and sisters! Both in the parable itself and in Jesus’ explanation of it, he indicates that seeds falling on rich soil do not all produce the same abundance – some thirty, some sixty, some a hundredfold. God cares less about the quantity produced and more ... Read More »

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time/XIV Domingo en Ordinario Tiempo

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 7/04/20

My brothers and sisters! What are the things hidden from the wise but revealed to little ones? The previous verses from Matthew’s chapter 11 indicate that “these things” are the destruction resulting from being unfaithful to God's “gracious will.” The “little ones” are those who, having received Jesus' revelation ... Read More »

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time/XIII Domingo en Ordinario Tiempo

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 6/27/20

    My brothers and sisters! At the center of this Gospel is Jesus' startling statement that the only way we have life is to lose it. We lose our life by choosing to love Jesus even above family and by serving others, even “little ones.” We all experience the ... Read More »

Twelth Sunday in Ordinary Time/XII Domingo en Ordinario Tiempo

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 6/20/20

My brothers and sisters! Jesus tells the Twelve and us that acknowledging him and doing his work will not be easy. This mission ought not to be undertaken lightly because there will be opposition. Neither, however, ought the mission be undertaken with fear, because God does not abandon us. ... Read More »

The Body & Blood of Christ/El Cuerpo & Sangre de Cristo

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 6/13/20

My brothers and sisters! Jesus’ declaration that he is the "bread that came down from heaven" grounds his further declaration that those who eat "this bread will live forever." Jesus is the divine Word made flesh—a flesh and blood now given to us for food and drink so that ... Read More »

June 7, 2020 – The Most Holy Trinity/La Trinidad

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 6/06/20

     My brothers and sisters! God’s desire is that we share in divine Life eternally. To this end, God is very near—near to Moses on Mount Sinai (first reading) and near to us in the divine Son who came to dwell among us. Even more: for those who ... Read More »

May 31, 2020 – The Pentecost/Pentecostés

Posted by Brenda Schumann on 5/27/20

     My brothers and sisters! One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is peace. This peace is not a passive state of tranquility, but an empowering force that allays our fears urges us forth to take up Jesus’ mission and instills in us forgiving hearts. This peace ... Read More »


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