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The Roman Catholic Church is organized territoriality by dioceses. This practice is helpful from an administrative point of view. Our parish boundaries were developed by the Diocese of Fort Worth. The St. Jude boundary consists of zip codes: 76063, 76001, 76002, 76028, 76097, 76140, 76009, 76060, 76061, 75054 ; However, those who reside out of the St. Jude boundary but reside in the Fort Worth Diocese may register with St. Jude. We will honor your wish but both faithfulness in participation and contribution are required to hold a membership.

Parishioners of St. Jude can manage their Family Profile Online & also Register New Membership!  
For New Registration & Updating Membership Profile Instructions how to setup for Connect † Now My Own Church 

  1. Sign on website
  2. Then Sign Up as New User ;
  3. Select from Organization: Jude Parish, Mansfield
  4. Choose a User Name ; Must Complete All Information where required with an (*)
  5. Then Submit Registration and Wait for Our Parish Approval